Titanium Quick Release Side Pushing Key Rings Labor Saving Kit

Color Gray
Shape Round
Material Titanium
Style 2-pack



About this item
◈ LABOUR SAVING AND TOOL FREE, NO MORE NAIL BREAKING original designed creative side pushing system, cool gear design. No prying, no gouging of your fingers, never have to endure the pain of using a thumbnail to put on a key– just push to open
◈ ULTRALIGHT & FLEXIBLE lightweight without any extra burden to your daily life, and definitely cool
◈ HANDY effective to organize/group your house keys, car key, work keys, EDC tools etc. Unlike carabiners? They are also quick to release just the keys you need. The special way to operate your keyrings also makes it a little more fun.
◈ DURABLE & WORRY-FREE SECURE made of titanium alloy GR5, anti cor.rosion, lightweight, handy, and definitely cool. It can be your lifetime key partner for normal use.



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