Rose quartz: a love stone that supports the heart, releases stress and gives emotional healing. Good for self love, friendships and relationships

Clear quartz: Clearing, cleansing and healing stone that offers support for the nervous system. It also stimulates consciousness expansion.

Citrine: manifestation stone. Enhances creativity & clarity of thought. Stimulates optimism.

Amethyst: purifying stone that protects against negative energy and opens intuition. Rebalances emotions. Helps with bad habits as well.

Tiger eye: gives inner strength, supports hormonal balance, mental clarity, vitality, emotional harmony and spiritual balance

Hematite: grounding stone that balances ones auric field and aligns the chakras. A great manifesting stone as well.

Stones can range from 1.5-2” and they are all different in shape.

Crystal keychains! Healing stones that you can carry daily with you.




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