Do you know something abou our keyrings’ technology pls? today let’s us learn about it.

1.Q:Do the metal keyrings fade?Will it rust?

A: Zinc alloy products will not rust, we’ve processed the keyrings’ surface with good electroplating,so the products will not fade or rust.

2.Q:How to maintain keyrings at ordinary times?

A:Do not put them in a damp place. Do not touch the product when you are taking a bath.Usually be careful not to scratch them.

3.Q:What is the mold opening process of your customized keychains?

A:Pls send your design drafts firstly. Our design team will make 3D layout for your confirmation. Once you confirm the layout, we’ll open the mold and make samples right away.

4.Q:What are the characteristics of zinc alloy?

A:Their density are relatively large, they have these advantages: good casting, can die casting any complex shapes, thin wall precision parts, smooth casting surface smooth, can do different treatments on their surface,such as electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc.When operating the melting and die-casting,they do not absorb the iron, and do not corrode the pressure, do not stick to the mold;Good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance;Low melting point, melting at 385℃, easy to die – casting molding.

5.Q:What kind of key chains can we make?

A:We manufacture zinc alloy and leather keychains mostly, and produce PVC, stainless steel, plastic keychains,too.

6.Q:What kind of zinc alloy does your company use? Is the material environmentally friendly?

A:Our company use zinc alloy environmental protection #3 material, absolutely environmental protection.

7.Q:Can you customize key chains?

A:Yes, we have professional designers and mold master, if you offer the design file, we’ll make the mold and samples according to them.

8.Q:Which logos can be made on the metal keychains?

A: Embossed and debossed logos, laser engrave logo, silk screen logo, epoxy sticker logo, filling in colors such as soft enamel, rubber oil, baking logo etc.

9.Q:What effect does metal keychain surface treatment have?

A:Can electroplate bright nickel color, pearl nickel, pearl chromium, nickel free, antique silver, bronze, antique bronze, red bronze, imitation gold, can electrophoresis various colors, spray various colors of painting.

10.Q:What’s the difference between shiny nickel and shiny chromium?

A:We use shiny nickel color more commonly, shiny chromium is very environmentally friendly, shiny chromium is much more brighter and whiter than shiny nickel color.

11.Q:What are the characteristics of chrome-plated nickel keyrings?

A:Bright appearance (commonly known as bright light, silver), its coating is dense, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and has other characteristics.The normal use preservation time is the longest, even if the appearance is gray,it will be immediately bright as new if you wipe the sweat and dust by cloth.

12.Q:What are the characteristics of pearl-nickle color plated products?

A:Metal matte feeling (commonly known as matte, matte), its coating is dense, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and has other characteristics.The normal use preservation time is longer, if the appearance is gray, just wipe it with an eraser,it will restore the original.

13.Q:What are the characteristics of gold-plated products

A:Golden yellow appearance (commonly known as gold, gold-plated), its coating is bright, beautiful, but the coating density is not enough, wear resistance is slightly poor, according to different customer’s use, there will have fading phenomenon (the customers who have salinity sweat especially in Summer is particularly obvious, otherwise it will stay longer)

14.Q: What is the difference between genuine leather and PU leather?

A: There are two kinds of leather, the first layer leather and the second layer leather, the first layer leather is the best leather, its touch feel is better, the second layer leather is relatively poor,PU is imitation leather

15.Q:Can the leather be customized in different colors?

A:Yes, if you can provide color sample, we can order the colors according to the sample material.

16.Q:Can silk screen printing logos on the leather?

A:Yes, single color is available by screen printing process, heat transfer technology make a variety of colors available.

17.Q:Can I make different treatment on the metal’s surface?What are the characteristics?

A:Yes, treatments like soft enamel,rubber oil, baking finish, alumina and other processes can be covered in different colors on the metal’s surface, showing colorful effect.

18.Q:Why does pressing the same color numbers to adjust the color, every time the color is different?

A: Because we use manual color mixing, so there will be a little color difference, but not too much difference, it is in acceptable range.

Sincerely hope you will know about our technology after reading this article, thanks for your time.